There is water filtration, and there is water purification. They are not the same. Typically, water filters will filter particulates that are 5 microns or larger. This is effective for protozoa such as Giardia and Cryptsporidium. Experienced hikers know that after you’ve filtered water, you need to boil it before you drink it. What many fail to realize on the trail, campsite and villages is that you must heat to a rolling boil for over one minute in order kill the cysts. Bubbles in the water do not suffice. You learn this the hard way.

To kill bacteria, like E. coli and Salmonella, you need microfiltration, with technology that will filter out particulates from 0.2 to 0.5 microns. And to filter viruses, like Hepatitis A, rotavirus, Polio and Norwalk, purifiers must be employed that can handle particles as small as 0.04 microns.

Then there is membrane ultrafiltration technology, which can purify down to 0.02 microns, making water 99.999% pure. GE is the world leader in this technology, and H2OpenDoors has chosen Innovative Water Technologies as our partner to provide pure, safe drinking water to our projects. IWT manufacturers the SunSpring, a self-contained, solar powered water purification system with GE’s membrane technology in it’s core. With a capacity to produce 5000 gallons a day, the units can be unpacked, assembled, cleaned and configured within 3 hours. They come complete with pumps, and can be set up with wind turbines and reverse osmosis add-ons. SunSprings are self-cleaning and require an hour of simple monthly maintenance. They will run 24/7 for 10 years before a recommended overhaul. Every day, the SunSpring has the capacity to provide one-half gallon of pure safe drinking water for 10,000 people.

The amortized cost to produce a gallon of water from a SunSpring is .0013 cents. The small price, self-containment and easy deployment make the units the go-to choice for disaster areas by NGO’s. Dozens were purchased by the William J. Clinton Foundation for Haiti, and dozens more are in operation in Nigeria, Ghana and the Congo. It carries the Gold Seal from the Water Quality Association which certifies the systems to be at the standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency. H2OpenDoors is proud to be able to raise funds to acquire the very best in technology to serve the rural villages in the hardest hit regions of our planet.