Since 2013, the H2OpenDoors project has installed 21 SunSprings throughout the world. We use this technology as it is the only fully-automatic, solar and wind-powered decentralized water treatment plant using membrane systems. Why membrane? Because we don't simply want to kill the bacteria and viruses in the water. We want to remove them altogether.

The cost from the manufacturer is $20,000 each. Then we have to ship it, set it up, train, establish a water utility group within the village. We bring along high school students to join in these soulful journeys, where they meet the villagers suffering from their water burden. Boiling won't do, decade-old sand filtration is too slow and won't get the complete pollution under control. That's where the SunSpring comes to the rescue, with GE Ultrafiltration Membrane technology.

Click here to view SunSpring deployment in Haiti

Technical Specifications
Maximum Peak Flow Rate (LPM/GPM) Up to 17/4
Min/Max Water Temperature (Cº/Fº) >0/32/ <38/100
Approximate Flush Volume (litres/USgal) 45/12
Total System Efficiency >95%
System Voltage (VDC) 24 VDC
Maximum Suction Lift, Std Pump <8'
Maximum Lift, Submersible Pump <200'
Maximum System Pressure 55 psi
Standard Equipment
Additional Equipment for this installation
  • 1 GE Ultrafiltration Membrane Module
  • 2 Solar Modules
  • 4.5 gpm pump
  • Pre-filter
  • Raw and Finished water plumbing
  • 24'' Diameter Aluminum Diamond Plate enclosure
  • Installation & training manual
  • Maintenance kit
  • Tool kit
  • Automatic Backwash and Solar Controller
  • Spigots for filling large containers
  • Reverse Osmosis units
  • 5000 individual aluminum water bottles

2 units with total capacity of
10,000 gallons per day = 10,000
people served for 10 years.