The 1% solution
On November 3rd, 2012, the Peninsula Sunrise Rotary club launched a ambitious ten year effort to help save lives due to the global water crisis once and for all. The appropriate technology has been chosen, and if deployment within the context of Rotary International can be adopted, millions of deaths occurring each year are preventable. We call it the 1% Solution.

  1. There is a global water crisis that claims 3.4 million lives each year
  2. There are 34,000 Rotary Clubs in the world.
  3. If just 1%, or 340 clubs were to follow the H2OpenDoors model, 3.4 million people who currently  have only contaminated water will have one gallon of 99.99% microbe-free, safe drinking water each and every day for the next ten years (at an amortized cost of just $0.0013 per gallon)

The H2OpenDoors Model

  1. H2OpenDoors is a project of Peninsula Sunrise Rotary, a 22-member club in Redwood City, CA
  2. In November of 2012, the club raised funds to purchase 2 Sunsprings to be installed in two hill tribe villages in Northern Thailand, at a cost of $28,000 each.
  3. Each Sunspring will produce a minimum of 5000 gallons per day of safe clean water. The two units will provide 10,000 residents with one gallon per day for ten years.
  4. The 1% solution virtually prevents the annual deaths attributed to contaminated water by providing one gallon of safe drinking water to 3.4 million people every year, assuming that 340 clubs each year, acquire 2 Sunsprings for various villages.

Why Sunsprings?

  1. Self-contained, with a solar panel and wind turbine, the Sunspring Hybrid can therefore be placed in the most remote, stressed regions.
  2. Uses Ultrafiltration membrane technology to filter bacteria and viruses down to .02 micron
  3. The only unit that is certified to USEPA standards for safe drinking water, with no chemical treatment required.
  4. Systems feature automatic backwash cycles and filter integrity testing, with a simple one-hour per month shutdown maintenance schedule.
  5. Once on site, the Sunspring can be up and running within 3 hours.

Why Rotary?

  1. Rotary is uniquely qualified to solve the water crisis, especially with Sunsprings in its arsenal. Rotary is in more countries than the UN, and because it is neither religious or government, club members can operate in places that the UN cannot.
  2. Oversight and training of village residents on the operation and revenue potential of the Sunsprings can be best provided by Rotary partner clubs in the region of the village. Mentoring, microfinancing and engineering support can all be coordinated by the local Rotary club and/or district with or without support from Rotary International.


  1. People aren’t dying because they lack water. They are dying because the water they have is contaminated with bacteria and viruses.
  2. The world has an abundant supply of contaminated water.
  3. Water purification with the appropriate technology (economical, design life of ten years, massive output of safe water without the requirements of fuel or electricity, and without chemical agents) is the most logical, and sustainable solution.



H2OpenDoors, a project of Peninsula Sunrise Rotary
November, 2012