Thanks to the support of attendees and sponsors of The CWENCH Party in November 2012, we were able to purchase 2 SunSpring systems. We installed them in two different villages in Northern Thailand three months later. The installation expedition included Rotary from California and Northern Thailand, a couple students and their teacher from Redwood High School in Redwood City, CA, and several friends who wanted to participate in the adventure. This 27-minute documentary is about the ups, the downs, the profound moments and the lasting impact the project has on close to 10,000 hill tribe people who live on less than $1 each day.

These people have to work for 3 hours on average in order to afford the bottled water they need to survive. As a result, many become sick and many die. Our baseline health survey on installation day indicated that 28% of the population suffers from chronic diarrhea and severe GI issues. H2OpenDoors endeavors to find villages and schools that are suffering from contaminated water sources, and provide a solution for the next ten years.

The “open doors” part of H2OpenDoors seeks to provide opportunity…for the residents of these communities and the high school kids in our own local community. We help to establish a women’s water council in each location that will take ownership of the systems, and insure their monthly maintenance. They can bottle and sell the surplus water, creating significant revenue for the improvement of their village. Our students can also see the world as it really is, up close and personal, transforming their own lives forever.

Each year will be another country, another school, another village in need. In February of 2014, we will install systems at a high school in Myanmar, formerly known as Burma. 2ooo students and 40 teachers drink from 100-year old cisterns and wells which provide an abundance of bacterial problems. The excitement is building for the new project. In the meantime, grab a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and take a look at this year’s installation in Chiang Mai Province in Thailand. Enjoy our film, Water, Education, Peace.


Water, Education, Peace from Jon Kaufman on Vimeo.
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