Woodside High School's Green Academy and Earth Club are studying the works of H2OpenDoors each Fall, as is the the REAL Program at Redwood High (Redwood Environmental Academy of Leadership).  Both programs are hands-on service learning programs where students take part in environmental projects in the local community, while learning about global issues. H2OpenDoors is providing a rich curriculum for their Fall sessions, including the award to a dozen best performing students they will never forget. In 2014 and again in 2015, students and teachers joined our installation teams to Mexico where we installed  SunSpring systems. Following the installation, the students joined a leadership week at Centro Fox, run by former Mexican President Vicente Fox.

The H2OpenDoors project from Rotary has captured their imagination and sparked their interest. Many of these kids are currently living below the poverty level here in California, yet they gain a new perspective as they learn more about the desperately poor refugees we will be working with. Even the poorest in California have ample access to pure drinking water…not so true for one in eight of us on Earth.

Redwood High doesn’t have a PTA or an alumni association. The 400 kids that attend have Peninsula Sunrise Rotary in their corner, providing scholarships, laptops, and even healthy snacks as their only morning nutrition. Our support through the years has paid off in countless stories of students who continue on to colleges, universities and trade schools, becoming contributing members of the community.