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Since our first project in February 2013 at two hill tribe villages in Northern Thailand, we've been on a tear. H2OpenDoors projects have installed water purification technology that has provided capacity for almost 100,000 people in the developing world. At the same time, the systems and the in-country Rotary clubs provide the opportunity to start a social business selling water.

On many of our expeditions, we bring our local high school students to inspire them that the world needs their passion and energy to insure the most fundamental human right...pure, safe water for all of us.

In 2015, we've already done projects in Guatemala and Haiti. We're ramping up for a return to Central Mexico in partnership with former Mexican President Vicente Fox in July. Then, in August, we're off to Nepal to install systems as that country digs out of the devastation from the earthquake. That will be followed by expeditions to Ecuador and a return to Guatemala.

We can't do this work without the support of soulful and engaged people like you. Thank you so very much.

H2OpenDoors is a project of the Rotary Clubs, started in the Rotary Foundation of Peninsula Sunrise, a 501(c)3 charitable foundation. We don't have paid administrative staff. 100% of your donation goes towards the solution.

Thank you for your kind donation.
If you prefer to pay by check, please mail to:
H2OpenDoors, c/o Jon Kaufman for the Rotary Foundation of Peninsula Sunrise, 969 Industrial Road, Suite A, San Carlos, CA 94070.

If you have any questions, please email

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Recent Contributors

Grant Cunningham Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 09/15/2018
"Sgt. Dan Smith of Redwood City Police Dept shared photos of your recent Tanzania trip! Keep up the great work!"
Theo Madias Amount: $ 3,150.00 Date Received: 08/16/2018
Theodorw Madias Amount: $ 1,000.00 Date Received: 08/16/2018
"Paying 1/2 final deposite for Cuba"
Alloy Personal Training Solutions Amount: $ 2,000.00 Date Received: 08/1/2018
Alloy Personal Training Center Amount: $ 1,000.00 Date Received: 08/1/2018
Anonymous Amount: $ 20.00 Date Received: 07/29/2018
Kristina Kirby Amount: $ 1,000.00 Date Received: 07/28/2018
"Total of $1500 paid towards Cuba trip!"
Kristina Kirby Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 06/21/2018
Anonymous Date Received: 06/13/2018
"In memory of Barry Levine."
Dan Smith Amount: $ 3,520.00 Date Received: 05/29/2018
Anonymous Amount: $ 200.00 Date Received: 04/23/2018
"This is in memory of Barry Levine"
Renee And Steve Dunmead Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 04/22/2018
"In fond memory of Barry Levine."
Sheila Kantor Amount: $ 3,350.00 Date Received: 04/16/2018
"Balance due on Africa July 1 2018 trip"
Frederic Endemann Date Received: 12/21/2017
Jack Chinn Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 12/11/2017
Suzanne Fox Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 12/7/2017
"Thanking cousin Alex Buck for being part of this worthwhile cause."
Haydi Danielson Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 11/16/2017
"Without clean drinking water almost nothing else is possible. You are bringing health and prosperity to the world."
James Carriere Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 11/13/2017
Warren Katz Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 10/9/2017
Barry Levine Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 10/6/2017
Maria Gaston Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 10/1/2017
"You are doing great work. Thank you for demonstrating what American values are all about. "
Anonymous Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 10/1/2017
"Thanks for the hard work and quiet dedication, Jon."
SC Moatti & Matthew Houston Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 10/1/2017
"You rock Jonas!! SC"
Alloy Personal Training Center Amount: $ 1,000.00 Date Received: 08/1/2017
Alloy Personal Training Solutions Amount: $ 2,000.00 Date Received: 08/1/2017
Barbara Binns Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 06/20/2017
Christopher Major Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 02/1/2017
"Thank you Jon, H2OpenDoors for your past support of Novato Chess Club (HYA). We are blessed to be able to support your global water projects. Rotary Means Business. Blessing to you and your work. "Making A Difference" in 2017-18."
Rise Up Revolution Amount: $ 1,100.00 Date Received: 08/13/2016
"So grateful for a successful first event in Connecticut! Through festivals of yoga, dance, music, and sustainable living we strive to create a healthier, happier world. Proud to support such a great cause! - Julie Beliveau, Founder"
BRADLEY CORN Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 07/12/2016
Mimi Swenson Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 11/14/2015
""With respect & admiration for helping so many have clean drinking water!""
John Mulligan Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 07/7/2015
"What a great cause, thank you for allowing us to help....."
Anonymous Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 06/26/2015
Gordon Starr Amount: $ 200.00 Date Received: 06/10/2015
Todd Zankel Amount: $ 5,000.00 Date Received: 05/17/2015
"Donation in place of participation by Brian Davin and Sara Isbell"
John Murphy Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 05/15/2015
"Great work for a worthy cause"
William Walker Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 05/15/2015
"For Nepal."
Celeste Moye Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/15/2015
"For the people of Nepal. I wish it could be more. Thank you for your generous work in this area. "
Peggy Pollard Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/15/2015
"supporting Rotary work to keep people alive in Nepal"
Peter And Jeanine Hubbard Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 05/14/2015
"On behalf of Dawnet Beverley. "
Robert Hamor Date Received: 05/11/2015
Jim And Ruth Hilton Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/8/2015
"I can't imagine not having clean drinking water"
Steve Wright Date Received: 05/8/2015
Jennifer Srabian Amount: $ 125.00 Date Received: 05/7/2015
"Contribution honoring retiring CEO of San Mateo Credit Union and valued supporter of Rotary, Barry Jolette."
Jim And Pauline Zenner Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 05/4/2015
"With best wishes for the new project in Nepal!"
David & Monica Hamer Family Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 04/29/2015
"Happy to support this worthy cause!"
Michael Murphy Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 04/27/2015
"In honor of Scotty Zornes and Patrick Anderson. Best wishes to a wonderful cause."
Michael Fabian Amount: $ 150.00 Date Received: 04/23/2015
"On behalf of Dawnet Beverley. Great Cause!"
Amy Woolf Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 04/23/2015
"Great Cause!"
Israel Herrera Date Received: 04/22/2015
Robert Toovey Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 04/20/2015
Mike And Lee Anne Sexton Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 04/6/2015
Errol Buxton Amount: $ 1,000.00 Date Received: 04/1/2015
Vicki Kaufman Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 03/28/2015
"Great admiration for what you do, thank you everyone, especially Jon Kaufman!"
Martia Nelson Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 03/10/2015
Thomas Rozint Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 02/24/2015
"Kim and I are pleased to support this very worthy cause."
Jerry And Sherry Brown Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 02/24/2015
"Good luck with this amazing project!"
Frank Schnepp Date Received: 02/24/2015
Mary Wyffels Date Received: 02/12/2015
"Good luck with this great project."
Raymond Batt Date Received: 02/9/2015
Anonymous Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 02/5/2015
Scott Zornes Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 02/4/2015
"In honor of Scotty Zornes"
John & Aubrey Monckton Date Received: 02/4/2015
"Cheers to this great organization and those that support it!"
John Zimmermann Amount: $ 200.00 Date Received: 02/3/2015
Bryan MacDonald Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 02/2/2015
"Fantastic Cause!"
Jeffrey Cunix Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 01/31/2015
Eric Eisenstein Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 01/31/2015
Jim And Pauline Zenner Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 12/21/2014
"Our very best wishes to you with your new water project in Guatemala. Merry Christmas to the folks in Lake Atitlan!"
Rebecca Lee Amount: $ 1,000.00 Date Received: 12/15/2014
Krista Atchley Amount: $ 50.00 Date Received: 01/29/2014
Andrew Frisch Amount: $ 500.00 Date Received: 12/28/2013
Katharine Beckwith Amount: $ 3,000.00 Date Received: 12/19/2013
"See you for the Mexico project!"
Tansukh Dorawala Date Received: 11/25/2013
Peter Golombek Amount: $ 250.00 Date Received: 11/24/2013
"Great project, not just for now, but for many years to come. Thanks for this great effort to solve the world's water problems."
Brenda Boehler Amount: $ 25.00 Date Received: 11/19/2013
"Let's all do what we can to help alleviate unnecessary suffering. "
David Braff Amount: $ 100.00 Date Received: 11/18/2013
Anonymous Date Received: 11/17/2013
"good luck with the project"
Jim Marshall Amount: $ 200.00 Date Received: 11/15/2013
Barbara Pierce Date Received: 11/12/2013
"Sorry I couldn't make the event. It sounded like great fun and the project is wonderful!"
Norma Macias Date Received: 11/8/2013
Alice And Jerry Rost Date Received: 10/26/2013
"Jon, Sorry we cannot attend. Happy to make a contribution."
Tina Abbaszadeh Date Received: 11/8/2012
"Thank you for this wonderful effort"
Joslin Salant Date Received: 10/23/2012
"Sorry I can't be at the party, but wanted to support this great cause!"
Norma Macias Date Received: 10/10/2012