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Each water purification plant installed by H2OpenDoors throughout the world has capacity to produce up to 40,000 liters of safe drinking water every single day
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These facilities can provide the basis for village water economies, establishing self-reliance and fostering human dignity

In Africa, this village sells purified water

Sanitized and reusable, these family-sized bottles are an affordable, logical method to distribute pure, safe drinking water. The H2OpenDoors project mentors the women’s water council on good governance of their new water economy.

Puerto Rico must establish water & power community-by community

We’re helping the island to become less vulnerable by working to build community water purification off-the- grid. As part of a strategic initiative that includes small solar farms, we’ve started with six small towns, each over 3000 residents. When the next big weather event happens, these towns will be immune from island-wide outages.

Safari Doctors now use water as their “first prescription”

Umar Omar, Founder of Safari Doctors on Lamu, Kenya, knows the value of water when it comes to optimal health. The WHO reports that half of the hospital beds in the world are occupied by patients with waterborne diseases. This CNN Hero and UN person of the Year has established a bottling enterprise with the guidance of H2OpenDoors to serve the Kenyan archipelago and the Somalian coast.
This is not a solution. It isn't sustainable. It doesn't give dignity. It doesn't promote self-reliance.
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Long Walk On A Dry Road

The education of a water warrior

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The world's most chronic challenges can be met... with a little technology and a whole lot of soul.
Help us provide the capacity for access to one-half gallon of clean, safe drinking water for one million people every day for ten years.