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SunSpring Purification

SunSpring Hybrid is a Portable Solar and Wind Powered, Self-Contained Microbiological Water Purification System capable of producing up to and exceeding 40,000 liters per day for up to and exceeding 10 years! Up to 10gpm flow is possible, creating water that is 99.999% microbiologically pure.
Solar and wind powered, SunSpring hybrid provides enough safe drinking water for developing communities around the world, reducing debilitating water-borne disease in most fresh water, (no salt).
The capacity provides up to 10,000 people with a full gallon of safe drinking water each and every day.
With no consumables, all stages of filtration of washable, disinfected several times a day on automatic flushing routines, and manually, once a month for 90 minute service procedures.
  1. The only hybrid water plant that is Healthymagination validated by GE
  2. Sustainable development solution
  3. High Tech/Low Maintenance
  4. Delivery can be expedited for emergency response
  5. Great for Micro Enterprise Models