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WallSpring / ComboSpring

Over the past few years, new innovations from the factory have provided game-changing solutions: the WallSpring, which can be daisy-chained for over 500,000 liters per day, and ComboSpring, which combines UF membranes with Reverse Osmosis enabling a blended output and removal of dissolved pathogens and minerals.
WallSprings require grid or optional solar power but produce over 40,000 liters of capacity per day. Using the same UF membrane and backflush controls inn the SunSpring, this wall-mounted system can scale up in series to whatever capacity is required. The ComboSpring, solves a common issue. Drinking water systems must be able to handle the raw water that is available. Sometimes that water has a high mineral content that gives an off taste or smell, or it contains heavy metals like arsenic of fluoride. The ComboSpring uses RO technology to strip out these issues, but blends the resulting water with UF to preserve just the right amount of minerals and electrolytes for perfect, healthy water.