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Rachel Education

As we traveled to dozens of villages and schools around the developing world, we encountered areas where there simply is no Internet, and classrooms are jammed with 50 or more students sharing a single textbook. Today, we also provide RACHEL (Remote Area Community Hotspot for Education and Learning). The system includes a RACHEL server, the size of a small pizza box, with 1TB of capacity, half of which is loaded with some robust content.
RACHEL contains all of Wikipedia, the entire Khan Academy curriculum for grades 3-12, the Great Books, thousands of video tutorial…in a variety of languages. The server established its own Internet hotspot, pushing content out to up to 100 devices and computers. Perfect for libraries and computer labs, students download their homework assignments on their smart phones and perform collaborative research on computers and laptops in class.
Several sessions are guided by the project and professionals at World Possible, our partners in getting these remote schools the tools they need.
Our mantra is Water, Education, Peace. We work to serve these focused areas with a little technology, and a whole lot of soul!