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Sanitized Bottles

We see it everywhere we go. Funky jerry cans, reused single-use bottles, buckets, oil cans… the rural and urban poor have little options to transport water. Even if they are fortunate enough to have access to a faucet water point, if that well water is drinkable, it soon won’t be once placed in a contaminated container.
H2OpenDoors believes that purified water should always be filled into sanitized bottles. We often supply one of the new village enterprises with 1000 brand-new multi-use, family-sized bottles. We also provide the operation with a sanitizer apparatus that treats the returned empties with a blast of chlorine and a vibrant rinse of pure water. Bacteria, cysts and viruses are microscopic pathogens. Even if the water is clear, it can be infected.
The communities ought to rely on SunSpring water from beginning to end. Women’s Water Councils can employ a distribution team that brings filled bottles out to the huts, and bring back the empties.
When this service is tied into the complete water system, health is immediately improved, the women and girls liberated to go back to school, and significant revenue is raised for their social services.